3 Things Every Builder Must Know Before Sending An Email

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How many times do you get a hot new enquiry... only to call and call, but never manage to speak to the prospect?

This is a common problem amongst residential home builders...

In fact, the latest research shows that it takes an average of eighteen calls, in order to connect with a prospect!


Do you have time to call every new lead eighteen times, just to have an initial discussion?


If you’re like any of the custom home builders and re-modelers that we speak to each week, then probably not.

Fortunately, there is an easier way... Instead of constantly calling new leads, it can be just as effective (and a better use of your time) to send them an email.

However, with email open rates now down to 25%, that means only one in four of your new enquiries will even see your message...


Not many builders realise that, although open rates for most emails are notoriously low, there is one exception…

And that’s the very first email you send out.

Our own stats show that the open rates for the first email - which over 200 custom home builders sent out - was a staggering 71%!

This means they were able to instantly connect with a new prospect, while their competition were still trying to make contact over the phone.

So if you'd like to stop wasting your time playing 'phone tag' with unqualified leads and start using your time to focus on your best clients, then you need to follow these three tips for making sure your emails are read by your prospects.



The first thing to start with is your ‘from’ address...

Builders Marketing

When a brand new prospect makes contact with a building company for the first time, there is very little trust built up.

What you do next will either build trust or reduce it.

So if you're using a generic email address (such as xyzhomes@gmail.com), this screams out 'small building company with very little in the way of reserves'.

As consumers, we’ve all been conditioned to trust companies with strong brands, more than their smaller competitors.

When a company uses a ‘free’ email address, rather than paying a few dollars a month for their own domain name, alarm bells start ringing for a potential client, who's about to make the biggest purchasing decision of their life.

In fact, 75% of consumers say professional email addresses are KEY to trust. 33% of consumers openly DOUBT the trustworthiness of a company using a generic email address!

This alone could be costing your building company a lot of money!


Probably the most important sentence in any email is the subject line...

The subject line is what gets your emails opened; so if you get this part wrong, they’ll never even be read - let alone acted upon!

When you send out the first email to a prospect, it must be congruent with the previous action they took. Did they request a free guide from your website, or a plan range or maybe they even filled in a 'contact us' page?

Whatever action they took, make sure you reference that action in your subject line. You can even use their first name in the subject line to increase open rates even further.

For instance, say you are offering a free guide on your website entitled, “7 Things You Must Know Before Designing Your New Home”...

The subject line in the email delivering the guide would read “Here’s Your Design Guide Linda”.

When that email arrives in the consumer's inbox, they will instantly connect it with the action they took (i.e. opting in), which means they are far more likely to open it and consume the information.


Builders Marketing

Which brings us to the last tip...

Sending information to consumers is great. It builds trust and demonstrates your expertise in the industry.

However, at some point, you'll need to speak to the prospect, in order to qualify them; and this is where you can save a tonne of time!

Instead of asking the prospect to call you - or even asking them to provide a phone number, so that you can call them - use an online booking calendar, so that they can book in an appointment to speak with an [insert your own niche] specialist.

By setting their own appointment, not only are they far more likely to show up, they are also five times more likely to progress through your sales process.

It’s a staggering fact that will not only save you time, it will also increase your sales.

If you implement all three of these tips into your building company today, you’ll see an instant improvement in your ability to engage with new leads.

However, if you want to really give your sales process a boost, make sure you download the complete email optimisation checklist below: 

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