3 Ways a Builders CRM Will Get More Sales With Less Effort

by Russ Stephens | May 07, 2016 | Builders CRM

builders crm 

Struggling to find quality new leads?

Are you tired of wasting time with unqualified prospects?

Do you get furious when potential clients fail to return your calls after you invest hours creating a proposal - time you could have spent with your family?

According to Dunn and Bradstreet, 80% of building companies will fail in the next 5 years due to a lack of business skills and knowledge.

Arguably the most important skill is attracting potential clients, and the most important thing we need to realise is… 

Not All New Building Inquiries are the Same

You simply can’t treat them as equal, as people are at different stages of the buying process.

They begin at awareness, move to consideration, and then finally, they reach decision stage.

The problem is, many builders meet with prospects before they are ready to bite the bullet - not the best use of your time when you have a busy schedule.

So how can you fix this?



Simple, you need to put a process in place so…

When New Inquiries Land in Your Inbox or Voicemail - You Can Siphon Them Off into Two Different Buckets: 

  1. People you should meet right away.
  2. Those you should nurture until they are ready.

So how do you nurture them, so that your competition doesn’t steal your lunch?

By using a builder's CRM (customer relationship management) which allows you to keep in touch, monitor and report on each of your new inquiries to maximise the conversion rate.


Builders CRM

 There are 3 ways a builders CRM will help you:

  1. Turns Tyre Kickers into Building Projects

Tyre kickers are rarely tyre-kickers. If they’ve taken the time to reach out, they are usually serious - although perhaps not ready to buy right now. By using a CRM you can follow up each inquiry in a consistent way and take them on the journey from awareness to decision phase in a consistent and automatic way every time.


  1.  No More Leads Will Slip Through the Cracks

It’s easy to lose leads when you’re busy, especially when you’re being pulled in so many different directions. With a CRM available to everyone on your team, you can monitor everything from anywhere - and can answer and follow up on every inquiry on time. This keeps your pipeline full, so you can sidestep the up and down cashflow rollercoaster.


  1.  You Get More Referrals From Clients

The key to getting more business in a client focused industry like building is delivering on every promise in a timely fashion. A builders CRM monitors client metrics and stores data so you can see exactly where you’re at, better understand your clients needs and ensure you deliver every time. The end result: more repeat business and referrals.


It helps get invoices paid too.

According to Angela Scott from Bungalow Homes, “It gives me the ability to add notes and keep track of emails. I can see if someone has opened them, for example invoices, and give them a nudge.” She also likes having the ability to send out newsletters and scheduled emails.

And if you’re feeling the pressure of having so many balls in the air, you’ll absolutely love it. Kayla Webb from Taylor Made Homes was on the edge of a nervous breakdown with stress levels at an all time high before she started using ‘Keep in Touch’ the CRM for Builders. Quite frankly…

Builders CRM


There is Simply No Better Way to Get a Return on Investment on Every Minute You Invest With Prospects


Brett Andrews from Braewood Homes is a case in point. He’s getting leads calling him who first came into his sales system 6 weeks ago - something unheard of in their business, as a direct result of the program automatically sending out 1000 emails in the previous month.

That’s what happens when you let the emails, which have already been made for you, that are provided in Keep in Touch do the selling for you. Then only talk to qualified prospects who are at the decision stage.

You get better qualified prospects contacting you, and you sell a far higher percentage of them because the email content does the work for you.

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