Are You Asking For Too Much Personal Information?

Couple concerned about giving out personal information to a builder

Are you struggling to generate enough leads from your website?

It could be because you're asking for too much personal information... too soon.

Consumers are more protective of their contact details than ever before. So if you’re asking for a phone number from a cold lead, chances are, they will back out and not make contact with you...

Which means you’ve just missed out on yet another potential job for your building company.

How would you like to enjoy a consistent stream of high quality leads rolling into your building company every week... AND only speak to consumers who are most likely to build?

Cash-flow problems would be a thing of the past and you wouldn’t be cutting your margins, in order to ‘buy’ a job... 

All this is possible... You can easily generate more leads and opportunities by simply asking for the right information at the right time. 


 90% Of Enquiries Will Never Build

how builders can sign more contractsHowever, first it’s important to understand some basic statistics. 90% of the consumers that contact a builder will NEVER build. Their circumstances change, they become frustrated with the process and lose momentum, or (most commonly) the realities of the budget required sink in and they simply can't afford to build the home they want.

That’s fine.

It’s the same in most industries. Around 90% of consumers that show an interest in a product or service never buy. From anyone! It’s just the way it is.

When you understand that, it allows you to focus on the 10% who are serious. Your goal is to convert 10% of those people into contracts - if you do that, you’re doing well.

Now let’s be clear - 10% of 10% is a mere 1% of the consumers that make contact with your building company. That may not seem like a great strategy; however, if your average contract is $500k and it costs between $25-$50 to generate a lead, then $2,500-$5,000 for a $500k contract is pretty good going!

So, while most builders are relying on referrals and winning around 10% of the jobs they quote on, they don’t have a business that can be scaled-up and are forever relying on architects or word-of-mouth for their building company to survive. Sooner or later, referrals dry up and, at that point, they have no plan B.

Professional Builders Generate More Leads Than They Actually Need

The smart builders already have a plan B. In fact, they're using it right now as their plan A, which means referrals are ‘the cream’ for those guys.

They generate 10 times more leads than they need and only speak to 10% of them.

On the surface, they are no better off; however, their secret is that they have a scalable building company and can generate new opportunities ‘on demand’.

They do this by ‘asking for less’ upfront.

Avoid Asking For A Phone Number

Instead of expecting a cold lead to handover their most prized possession - their phone number - ask for a micro commitment - their email address.

The impact this has on lead generation is huge!

Marketing templates for buildersHow do you follow up a lead when you don’t have a phone number?

Easy, you use email to communicate and start the process of building trust, until you take them to the next stage, where they're happy to provide their phone number, because they're ready to speak with a builder.

Right now, you may only be receiving a couple of enquiries a month from your website and 3-4 phone enquiries.

But that's because you were asking for too much information from a new lead to make contact.

Plus, you’re probably not giving them a good reason to get in touch with you, when they're just starting out and researching builders.

[Hot Tip: this is when you need to be speaking to them - before anyone else does!]

If you’re like most builders that operate their own residential building company, then you simply don’t have time to follow up 100 different leads by email each week, in the hope you’ll win one contract…

However, that’s the easy part; because you can automate the entire process and have it run on autopilot, until a consumer is ready to commit to an appointment.

Automation Is Key

Automation and systemisation is the key to operating a successful building company these days.

Can you imagine how you would cope without software to manage your estimating, accounting and project management?

It would be messy, to say the least… Now it’s time to systemise your sales process by implementing a Builders CRM System.

If you've ever felt awkward about calling a prospect and leaving yet ANOTHER voicemail message for them to call you back, or if you’ve ever felt more like a stalker than a professional builder, then a Builders CRM System is probably the missing component in your building company.

When you implement it, you’ll have a system that is automatically following-up every lead and creating qualified appointments.

Click on the link below to discover how a CRM system specifically developed for builders can automatically follow-up all of your prospects and create qualified opportunities for you to speak to.

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