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3 Ways a Builders CRM Will Get More Sales With Less Effort


Struggling to find quality new leads?

Are you tired of wasting time with unqualified prospects?

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3 Biggest Mistakes Builders Make When Choosing a CRM


There may be no more daunting task for a builder than choosing a CRM. 

You’re busy. You’ve got lots on your mind. And it’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth and who’s not....

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How To Follow Up Every New Lead Without Writing Another Email


Does your balance sheet bounce up and down like a yo-yo?

It’s easy to fall into this trap. You get so focused on building the perfect home for your client you stop following...

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Is Your Sales Confidence Impacting Your Business?


If you were to rate your sales confidence, what score would you give yourself?

Now, what score would you give yourself when trying to sell to an unknown prospect or maybe...

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How To Automate Your Marketing, Free Your Time And Nurture Your Leads


Are you forever running out of time to follow up your new enquiries?

We all want to develop great relationships with our clients...

But as builders, we have only so much free...

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How To Create A Great First Impression Using Email


With 96% of potential clients starting their research online, how can you make a great 1st impression--especially when you can’t even speak to them?

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How To Build Trust With Your Clients By Telling Stories


Do your prospects trust you by the time you have your first meeting or conversation?

In any service business, getting prospects on the phone can be a major challenge. This...

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Have You Seen KIT In Action?

  • Automate Your Follow Ups
  • Use Professionally Prepared Emails
  • Integrate With Your Website


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