How To Automate Your Marketing, Free Your Time And Nurture Your Leads

by Russ Stephens | May 11, 2015 | Builders CRM

Construction CRM 

Are you forever running out of time to follow up your new enquiries?

We all want to develop great relationships with our clients...

But as builders, we have only so much free time on our hands.

Between delegating work tasks, visiting job sites and planning out projects, residential home builders typically find themselves too busy to respond to calls early in the sales process. Without systems to automate your sales and marketing, this can become a major source of lost opportunities and wasted time.

How Do You Respond To Leads When You Are Too Busy?

At some point, most builders will find themselves too busy respond to prospects. In these moments, it is crucial to take active steps to automate marketing and nurture client relationships.

Fortunately, modern software has made it easier than ever to automate marketing processes. Key tasks like sending emails, following up with prospects, and even closing sales, can now be handled by construction CRM software. In just a few short moments, you’ll discover how you can automate these and other key tasks in your building company, saving you time and money.




By automating your marketing, you reduce the time you spend making phone calls and writing emails that never get a reply; or worse, end up dealing with clients who are just using you as a price check.

While we all have to speak with clients at some point through the sales process, you can automate the marketing process and build trust on autopilot.

How Can You Automate Your Process?

A very basic form of automation is using email templates to respond and follow up on new enquiries. Essentially, using a pre-set message that you send  to each prospect. This is a simple, yet effective, form of automation that allows you repeal the time-wasters while encouraging the quality prospects to reach out to you.

But you can take it much further than that.

Construction CRM

The key lies in construction CRM software. Using construction CRM software, you can automate key processes like: generating leads, sending targeted information based on the prospects area of interest and identifying the hottest prospects, just by setting up automated notifications that inform you when a prospect has clicked on a link in one of your emails!  

Automating your marketing process using a construction CRM system can generate more leads and build massive rapport, trust and authority before you even speak with a prospect!

A Builders CRM Can Automate Your Marketing,
Generate Leads AND Manage Your Contact List

The fastest and easiest way  to generate high quality leads for a residential building company at a fraction of the cost of traditional “offline” methods is by creating an opportunity on your website where your visitors can optin for more information. This can be in the form of a checklist, template or even a free guide.

By connecting a Construction CRM system to your website you can automatically deliver the information they requested instantly by email.

You Can Literally Start Using It In Minutes!

Simply create the email then set it to run every time a visitor opt’s in and you’re all set.

In minutes you can set your marketing up to respond to every new lead regardless of when they decide to reach out to you.

And you can take it further still. By adding an automated follow up sequence inside your  construction CRM system, you can keep in touch with every prospect until they are ready to have start having conversations with builders...and when that happens, who do you think they are going to call?

Construction CRM

Automation Saves You Time:

When you automate your marketing, you not only save time, you also generate better quality opportunities that are more likely to progress into a contract at a decent margin

Kayla Webb learned the power of automation first hand when she started using a builder's CRM  system.

She was in the middle of a very stressful time in her business, absolutely swamped with work and receiving more enquiries than she could ever hope to respond to...which is a nice problem to have, but it can become counterproductive and lead to ill feeling in the marketplace.

In Kayla’s own words “I received the right email at the right time which got me interested”

“I can’t wait for the new year and looking forward to new knowledge”

How would you like to systemise your building company so that you can cope with more leads than you even need?

Click here to discover how other professional builders have automated their marketing without using expensive complicated software.

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