3 Biggest Mistakes Builders Make When Choosing a CRM

by Russ Stephens | Apr 06, 2016 | Builders CRM

Builders CRM 

There may be no more daunting task for a builder than choosing a CRM. 

You’re busy. You’ve got lots on your mind. And it’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth and who’s not. What’s more, the wrong choice could lead to thousands of dollars in wasted cash and dozens of lost sales.

Yet the reality is, considering the impact it can have on your business over the next decade, there may be no decision more critical.

Think about it... a CRM can help you: 

  • Build trust and rapport without even speaking to contacts - and turn cold leads into solid sales.
  • Get old customers referring you extra business - and lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.
  • Maximise your quote to sales ratio by automatically building more trust, so you don’t waste time.


What’s more, since 86% of salespeople don’t follow up more than 3 times with sales inquiries, and over 80% of sales require 5 points of contact… A CRM system puts you in the prime position of meeting and exceeding 5 points of contact, every single time!



It Can Give You an Overwhelming
Advantage Over Your Competition

And the best part is, once you’ve set the systems up, it all happens automatically, so you can get on with running your business. 

That’s the good news, but it’s not all a bed of roses:

A recent Butler Group report found 70 percent of CRM installs fail.

According to a Gartner study approximately 55 percent of all CRM projects failed to meet customer expectations.

So what’s the solution? How do you get the benefits of a CRM without falling into any of these traps?

Builders CRM

Here are the 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

1. Don’t Go Generic, Get a CRM Customised for Builders

Every business has its own nuances, and the building industry is no different. So don’t waste time with a generic system you have to customise to your needs. Make sure it is designed for the building industry, and has all the reports, templates and appropriate fields you need to capture critical data - including the processes and workflow relevant to our industry.


2. If it’s Hard to Use, Avoid it Like the Plague

According to a recent study, 72% of users would give up all the extra features just to get a CRM that’s easier to use - so make this a priority.

Unless you’re a tech-whiz, you need a platform you can master within hours without hiring an IT expert or requiring technical support. Make sure all your customer information can be organised so you can quickly make use of it as soon as you’ve invested in the software.


3. Don’t Think of Features, Think of Sales

With every feature, ask yourself: how will this help me get more customers?

For instance, will the CRM software seamlessly merge with your web site so you can enter new leads into the system and instantly follow them up to build rapport?

Does it integrate with social media, so you can further nurture the relationship and build trust with prospects who are sitting on the fence?

Is it easy for you to jump onto the platform from you phone and call customers while driving home at the end of a day?


When you invest in a CRM for Builders, the answer to all of those questions is yes, yes and yes.

Builders CRM

It’s certainly helped Angela Scott. Now she can see if someone has opened an invoice and give them a nudge - which as you can imagine, significantly helps her cash flow.

Kayla Webb from Taylor Made Homes loves it too - before she stumbled upon it…



She was on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown
With Stress Levels at an All Time High

Today the system takes on a significant chunk of the stress, and she can breathe easier.

This builder-specialised CRM system can work wonders for your business too.

Being a builder is tough. You work hard during the day. Do the paperwork at night. It’s difficult to find time to scratch yourself, let alone have time for sales and marketing.

Implementing the right CRM system into your business can take this weight off your shoulders - while ensuring you have a steady pipeline of upcoming business so you can sleep soundly at night without tossing and turning.

What’s more, it will also give you an overwhelming advantage over cutthroat competitors.


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