How To Get More Quality Leads From Your Existing Website

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How many new leads does your website generate every month?

Is it more than you can handle... or would you like more?

If you need more leads, then you’ve probably been told that you need to spend money to advertise…


But there is a better way - and it won’t cost you a penny extra!

When you pour more water into a bucket, without first patching the holes, you’re left with an empty bucket.

The same can be said when it comes to advertising.

Simply Spending Money On Google Doesn't Help!

Spending more money on Google AdWords or Facebook to promote your building company, without first fixing the #1 issue on your website, will result in an empty bank account and no extra sales!

Typically, the design of a builder’s website is never the problem - it’s nearly always the strategy.

Ever wondered why hardly anyone ever fills in your ‘contact us’ form?

When was the last time you filled in one of those forms yourself?

The Best Method For Generating Leads Is A 'Lead Magnet'

The fact is, to generate leads from a website, you need a ‘lead magnet’.

Construction LeadsA lead magnet can be a checklist, template, guide or report. In fact, it can be anything that is of value to your target market. 

The best way to develop a lead magnet for your building company is by thinking about the questions a brand new prospect asks you during that first phone conversation.

If you have someone else taking calls for you, sit down with them and find out what are the most frequent questions they're being asked.

Also think about the concerns your ideal client has; and the challenges they may be facing right now in getting their questions answered.

Armed with this information, it becomes easy to create your own lead magnet.

Some Great Ideas For A Lead Magnet Include:

It can be a guide that speaks straight to their fears. For example, 'the seven biggest design mistakes and how to avoid them when designing your new home'...

Or 'the number one question you must ask a builder before signing a contract'...

Or maybe 'enter your email address and we’ll send you access to our full plan range... Or price list…

There are many options!

By offering a lead magnet in exchange for an email address, you'll instantly double, triple or even quadruple your enquiries, without doing anything else to your website.

So before you invest thousands of dollars and months' worth of work creating a brand new website, try adding a lead magnet to the home page of your existing website.


Construction Leads

You’ll be amazed at the results! This will get you started on the path to investing in advertising as a method for lead generation; rather than just 'getting your name out there' - which is a total waste of money.

When Simon from Tribute Homes used this strategy on his website, he went from 2-3 leads per year to 2-3 leads per week!


To discover how you can access a professionally-created lead magnet - which you can start using TODAY to promote your residential building company - and (more importantly) to find out how you can nurture those new leads into becoming profitable clients, click on the link below.

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