Are Your Leads Going Cold Before You Get To Them?

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Are you letting leads slip away because you’re unable to follow up promptly or regularly? When a potential client reaches out to make contact, they are not aware of your busy building schedule, or your operating hours. Therefore, you have a rapidly closing window of opportunity.


In fact, their fleeting attention span means that if you do not have the means to make contact within the first hour, you’re 7 times less likely to have a meaningful conversation with the key decision maker. Meaning that you’ve potentially lost a hot lead to another building company.

Converting leads into sales is a challenge for many building companies. 80% of sales are made after 5 follow ups, but most people give up after 3. In addition, only 3% of leads generated are actually ready to speak to a builder immediately, another 10% are gathering information, with the remaining 87% made up of dreamers and time-wasters.

So, with a busy schedule, a rapidly closing window of opportunity and a mix of hot and cold leads, you need to quickly qualify and then follow up those hot prospects immediately.



It’s not easy, if it was every builder would be doing it, which means you wouldn’t be able to stand out from the pack of building companies.

The first thing to understand is why they are contacting you. With this information, it is much easier to respond with the relevant information in an appropriate time frame.

The easiest way to attract quality enquiries and to respond to them quickly, is by using what we call ‘lead magnets’. This could be a free guide, a checklist, price list or maybe even just a call back request.

When your prospective client provides you with this information through a short form on your website, you can instantly respond. And, because you know what they are looking for you can supply them with the relevant information, right away.

Because you are 7 times more likely to have a positive follow up with the key decision maker in the first hour, you need to be able to identify the 3% that are super hot leads and make contact quickly.

Construction CRM

By having the ability to respond to enquiries at any time, including out of hours, you will be able to connect with your leads while they are hot.

What’s more, using this method, a lead can fill out a callback request form any time of day or night and you will be able to contact them as soon as you are ready.

By using this as a lead generation strategy on your website, you’ll be able to generate additional leads and have the ability to instantly start communicating to them via email.

Email Is Still The Best Lead Nurturing Method

Now, despite what anyone tells you, email is still the most effective method for nurturing leads into clients, so don’t overlook this powerful medium. In addition, email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter (McKinsey and Company 2014).

Automation Is Key:

When you send an autoresponder email on the back of a new lead, not only are you making contact immediately, but you are ensuring your building company is front of mind. You can even create specific email content for each of your ‘lead magnets’, meaning you’re giving your lead relevant information exactly when they want it, regardless of the time of day or whether you’re on-site or in the office.

Construction CRM

To be successful with online marketing you need a system that will delete, automate and delegate new enquiries.

Helping you spot the hot ones and avoid wasting your precious time on the 87% of leads that are not going to convert into a sale.

For the enquiries that come in by phone during office hours, it is essential that you set up an answering service that doesn’t just take a name and a phone number, but also asks qualifying questions and performs an action, such as entering the lead straight into your Builders CRM system.

Braewood Homes use a Builders CRM system for exactly these reasons; with over 1,000 autoresponder emails sent out in the last month. This has substantially extended the life of their leads and they even have leads calling them!

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry it’s not. You can introduce your own lead magnets and create autoresponder emails for your business today. Allowing you to automatically respond to every enquiry professionally.

With a Builders CRM system, you will even be able to see who has opened your email and what they’ve clicked on. Giving you even more insight when following up your hot leads.


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