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by Russ Stephens | Oct 23, 2016 | Builders CRM

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Are you creating a great first impression with your potential clients?

Do you have a system in place to create a consistent experience for your prospects?

If you don’t have a documented process in place for managing new enquiries then you are potentially wasting time and money every single day.

Nobody in any industry can control when or where a new enquiry will try and make contact with them. As a builder you could be on a roof, in the office or already talking with clients.

So how do you provide a strong consistent first impression to every new enquiry regardless of what you are doing or what time of the day it is?

A Builders CRM System.

A recent Marketing census found that 55% of companies generate more than 10 percent of sales from email.



Residential home builders rarely know exactly where they will be at any given time of the day. Everybody starts with a plan, but when was the last time your day went to plan?

For this exact reason, you can’t expect to be prepared at any point of the day to handle a cold call from a new enquiry. You don’t know their name, project, budget or if you are the first or last builder they have spoken to.

More importantly, you are probably on site, so you won’t even be able to send them an email until you get back to the office or home after work.

Follow Up Without Worry

That is where a builders CRM system comes in. These programs are designed to automatically send emails to new enquiries the second they have provided their details to you.

It is the speed that is key here, people lose interest, they forget and get sidetracked. You need to be talking to them while they are hot, and if you can’t speak to them until later, they may have already found somebody else.

A Strong Consistent First Impression EVERY Time:

This is a great concept for builders marketing their businesses - it takes the first impressions away from the builders phone manner (which can go up and down through the day), and instead shifts it to their first email from you.

By using email to build a relationship with your enquiries, you can control your message and information, you can weed out cold leads and price checkers and most importantly you can build trust and rapport with your enquiries without speaking to them or losing any time on site.

There is a bit of an art to setting up a great welcome email and there are definitely a few things that you don’t want to miss out on when setting yours up.

How To Set Up Your First Email:

Firstly, you need to make sure that email goes out ASAP - within 5 minutes of the enquiry filling out the form, that email needs to be in their inbox. Any later than that and they can forget which builder you were, or why they even requested something from you.

Builders MarketingAs you write the email, follow this basic format:

You need to personalise the email. People are 6x more likely to purchase from an email that is personalised.

Then start with a short reminder of who you are and what they did to be receiving this email.

Next you want to thank them for getting in touch with you and reinforce that they made the right decision by contacting you over a competitor.

Follow this with what you will be doing next - will you call them, send them another email, or send through a plan? It is important that at all stages your lead knows exactly what they can expect from you and more importantly see that you will deliver what you say.

Another good thing to do is to give them a task to complete before the next email.

It can be short and simple like emailing back an answer to a simple question - what type of project are you planning? Or jump on our website and check out our guide, or download our free checklist.

It doesn’t matter what you ask them to do, the goal is to start building trust and get some interaction happening quickly.

The final thing to include in your welcome email that will add to that first impression is to finish with a PS. this may seem a little silly but trust me, a PS gets read more times than the rest of the email.

This is a great spot to ask that question, or ask another, leave them with a simple task or remind them what you will be doing next. Just make sure that it is worth remembering.


Builders Marketing

Following this pattern for your welcome email creates a strong consistent first impression every time.

This will obviously not be the last email you send them but with this email you are setting up a communication highway that lets the enquiry move through your sales funnel automatically and leaves you to keep working until they are ready to speak to a real builder.


CRM systems are becoming a key tool in a builders marketing belt - basically because it lets a builder do what they are best at and automates everything else for them in the background.

Builders throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK & America are all jumping on board with a CRM to help manage their marketing and build those vital first impressions.

The best Builders CRM solutions include all of these emails as templates for you, saving you even more time by not having to create them yourself from scratch.

If you haven’t used a CRM before, or you don’t have a process in place to manage new enquiries then make sure you check out this free presentation for builders...


Click here to discover how a builders CRM works and how it can keep your new enquiries very satisfied.

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