How Other Builders Are Following Up All Of Their Leads

by Russ Stephens | Oct 02, 2016 | Builders CRM

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How many times do you follow up a lead before moving on? Too many builders use the old rule of 3 and only give it three goes (Some even tried shortening it!).

But did you know that over 80% of sales are made after 5 follow ups? That means that every time you don’t get a call back after leaving a message and move on, there is a very good chance that you have missed out a potential sale.

Lets face it, you have limited time as it is, you already have more to do than you can possibly fit into a day and missing one call wasn’t going to change your world. Still, you’re starting to wonder how other builders seem to be doing it so easily.

Plenty Of Builders Are Struggling - You Don't Have To:

Let me tell you now, they aren’t, a lot are in the same boat as you, struggling to keep todays clients happy while trying to keep more more work coming in for tomorrow. They are on the same hamster wheel that you are.

But there are also a lot more builders out there who aren’t on this hamster wheel. Lots of other builders just like you realised there had to be a better way to get their job done without so much day to day stress. Something that would let them focus their activities on construction marketing and not just chasing their tail every day.




Most builders today are using a notebook, excel or they hire somebody to record all of their new leads. Unfortunately these types of systems just don’t work today to completely follow up a new lead and they aren’t cost effective.

Notebooks, Excel & Assistants Just Aren't
Effective At Keeping Track Of your leads

It's too easy to lose your notebook, or have you ever struggled to read your own writing? I know I have. And if you use this system, how do you keep on top of the extra details? Their questions or alternate numbers, emails or even if you have called them back?

Excel isn’t much better, it is time consuming and costly because it takes a full time staff member to manage, either yourself or your assistant. On top of this, 90% of Excel spreadsheets contain an error.

This means that chances are one or more of those ticks to say that a lead has been contacted is incorrect.

And emails - these should be the easiest enquiries to follow up, but writing out individual emails is time consuming.

The best email tip I can give you is templates!

If you group all of your ‘first emails’ from clients I am betting that you can guess nearly every single question they asked.

Construction Marketing

Setting up templates is a huge part of an effective new lead process and this is the easiest one to set up. If a new lead hasn’t asked a question but you know they will eventually, then send them the answer anyway.

You can set up an template with your most commonly asked questions and send that back to every single new email. Straight away you can save yourself 2, 5 or more emails per lead. How much time will that save you in an average month?

Even if you only get 4 leads a month and you send them an average of 5 emails each answering basic questions and it generally takes you 4 minutes per email.

That is 80 minutes you have saved straight away just in typing!

The first thing you should do when setting up a system for converting new leads is think about what you do when a new lead calls or emails you now.

If your answer starts with the words “sometimes ...” or “either ...” or “most of the time its ...” then you probably don’t have an effective system in place.

You need a repeatable system in place
to effectively follow up your new leads

Don’t worry though, luckily it isn’t hard to get a great system in place, something that looks after all of your leads, saves their details and keeps them up to date with everything they need to know about building with you and lets you get back to working on your business and not in it!

Using a CRM that that has been specifically tailored for the building industry means that all of those unique little issues you may have had in the past that no other program really has an answer for are all covered.

Find A system that includes everything you need:

Construction Marketing

A professional builders CRM will provide you various email templates that are already set up. This means that from the first day, you are ready to start keeping your new leads completely informed of everything they need to know about building and in particular, building with you.

Some of the better builders CRM’s will also include professionally developed landing pages. These are web pages that have a form on them for people who are looking at your website and may want some additional information to fill out their details. You can use them by themselves or add into your existing website. These will help you get even more leads by having them sign up directly to your CRM system.

Builders CRM’s have helped builders around Australia, New Zealand and North America automatically contact every single new lead that comes through their website or landing page

They are particularly helpful in moving new leads through your sales process without you even having to pick up a phone.

The best thing is that by the time you speak to the new lead, they already feel like they know you, there won’t be any of the generic basic questions because they have already been answered and you can get straight down to business.

If you are using any of the old lead follow up systems we have spoken about and you know there has to be a better way to run your business, then you need to click on the link below.


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