Is Your Sales Confidence Impacting Your Business?

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If you were to rate your sales confidence, what score would you give yourself?

Now, what score would you give yourself when trying to sell to an unknown prospect or maybe even a difficult client?

Chances are, depending on the situation, the prospect or even the importance of the deal, your sales confidence fluctuates.

A hot lead who knows all about you and your work, and wants you to build for them, automatically ramps up your confidence. The hard sell is already done.

It’s those awkward, almost standoff-ish, warm leads where your sales confidence may take a beating.

Whilst builders are not sales people, we all need to sell in order to win new business or to convince a client to accept a higher price than they were expecting.

A confident sales person inspires confidence in the prospect. Without confidence, a sales person plants seeds of doubt, leading the prospect to seek quotes from other home builders. This could be the difference between winning and losing the business. 



When your confidence levels slip, so does your bottom line.

When sales confidence is so important to the success of your business, how do you ensure it’s working in your favour?

If sales confidence increases when hot leads come to you, then you need a plan to turn every new lead into a hot lead. Getting them into YOUR comfort zone.

Hot leads also tend to pay more and need less convincing, making them more profitable and less time consuming. 

Construction Sales

So, how do you get more of the hot leads to call you?

You need to get your prospect to know you, like you and then trust you. Now, that’s not going to happen over the course of the first phone call, but you can develop this naturally over a period of weeks.

Did you know that a staggering 86% of sales people do not follow up sales enquiries more than 3 times, yet over 80% of sales are made after 5 follow-ups? This is proof that having a plan and persistence pays off.

By developing a series of automated emails that are sent to the prospect, you can gradually educate them so they know more about your work and your business. An automated follow up not only keeps you at the front of their minds, but helps you position yourself as an industry expert and a professional.  

An effective way to build trust and to convince even the most sceptical prospect is through sharing testimonials. When your customers are singing your praises, the need to hard sell to prospects disappears.

Share your testimonials with your prospects through emails, your Facebook page and across your website. Success stories that your prospects can relate to will increase their trust and desire to work with you.

Through timely follow ups, keeping in touch, directing them to your Facebook page and latest news, you will begin to create rapport.

Construction Sales

Easily progress prospects into clients without any hard selling.

This is exactly what happened when Wayne Whyte from Constructive Homes introduced a sales process to help with both educating and building trust with new prospects.

By using a Builders CRM System with built in autoresponders, Constructive Homes were able to complement their existing sales strategy as well as encouraging their new leads to contact them which significantly reduced the amount of time spent on continually following up new enquiries.

When your prospects are contacting you, they are warmer, need less convincing and are nicely positioned in your comfort zone... which increases your confidence AND your bottom line.

Sounds complicated?... it’s not!

You can make this happen in your business today. With a Construction CRM system you will begin to build trust & rapport with your prospects.

You can create your own messages or use pre-written professional templates that have been specifically crafted for residential home builders that allow you to get started immediately.

You are also given useful insights such as when they opened the email and what they clicked on. Giving you first-hand knowledge on what the prospect is interested in, before they even call.


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