How To Turn Leads Into Clients By Remembering Every Conversation

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Are you losing track of an enquiry and in turn, losing the opportunity?

You’re about to follow up an enquiry, but you can’t quite remember where the conversation is up to or the details the prospect has given you previously.

Worried you might repeat yourself or look silly because you can’t remember what was discussed last time, you avoid calling… and there goes another opportunity. 



Remembering conversations is an important aspect of any sales process. It not only helps refresh your memory, but it helps the prospect remember why YOU are the best solution to their problem which positions you ahead of your competition.

A Prospect Needs To Remember Who You Are

If you are unable to get your prospect to remember who you are and your point of difference, how do you avoid competing on price? And how will you build enough trust and rapport for a prospect to choose you for one of the biggest purchasing decisions of their life.

Developing a relationship with a prospect is hugely important. After all, people buy from people they trust

We’re all busy. During the course of the day you’re fielding calls to and from employees, suppliers, clients and prospects. So, it’s easy to forget the specific details of every conversation you have.

Keep A Record Of Your Opportunities

The first thing to do may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many builders fail to keep a record of their opportunities. With so many things going on, if it’s not written down you’ll forget it.

You could be dealing with a dozen different prospects who all have the potential to move forward to a contract. You can’t rely on them contacting you. If you are not proactively following up the prospect and moving things forward, another builder will, and the opportunity will be lost. 

home builder marketing

All Details Matter

Every detail is important when it comes to your prospects. Names, kids, birthdays, pets, hobbies, sports, holidays… Every piece of information your prospect gives you, helps you understand their needs better, personalise conversations and build rapport, before ascending them through your sales process.

Implement A System

Documenting all these important details requires a system for recording information for every single prospect who makes an enquiry. Form a habit of recording every meeting, conversation, email or text message.

Pretty soon you’ll notice that it actually saves you time and the benefits that these extra bits of information bring to your business are incredible. When you are able to quickly scan your notes that tell you everything you need to know, you will find it easier to remember the conversations you’ve had.

However, just because you know everything that’s been said, doesn’t mean a prospect will remember you. Chances are they’ve spoken to numerous builders and they may not actually remember if you are the friendly builder that took the time to really understand their project or the gruff guy who promised to call but never did.

Every Conversation Should Start With A Recap

Just like a TV series that runs for weeks, where every episode starts with a quick refresher of what has happened previously, your calls should start by refreshing the prospect. Reconfirm everything you’ve discussed and the reason why you are calling them now. By doing this you’ll quickly establish rapport and move the deal forward.


home builder marketingSure, invest time to create rapport, answer questions and demonstrate your expertise, but it’s really important not to lose momentum in the deal. Every single day that passes, your prospect is going slightly colder. Even those that were dead excited about designing their new home will lose their passion gradually.


Keeping the prospect excited will ensure the buying decision is made on emotion, not logic. When logic creeps in, so does financial concerns or other constraints. So, avoid competing on price and reducing your profit margin, by maintaining momentum.

You can do this by always having a target outcome for every follow up you make. Be clear on the next step and always work to move your prospect to the next stage. If there’s resistance or they go cold, drop them and focus your time and energy on the hotter prospects.

How To Do It Properly:

To do this properly you need a documented, repeatable sales process. Helping you progress every new lead you add to your marketing system and then quickly converting those highly profitable contracts.

So, get started today. Paper is better than nothing. And an Excel spreadsheet is better than paper. But if you’re really serious about managing your sales process efficiently , you need a Builders CRM system.

Andrew Seal at Suncity Homes found that introducing a Builders CRM system provided them with a concise way of maintaining contact and managing information. A system will help reduce sales process time and improve the quality of your conversations.

A Builders CRM system will record every communication and allow you to remember every single conversation you’ve ever had with every prospect and client.


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