How The Sales Process Has Changed For Builders

According to Salesforce, 79% of buyers say it’s “absolutely critical” or “very important” to interact with a salesperson who is a trusted adviser - not just a salesperson.


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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Following Up Leads


How can you avoid the biggest mistakes commonly made by building companies when following up new enquiries? It’s not only tough to keep track of new leads; but sorting the...

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How To Turn Leads Into Clients By Remembering Every Conversation


Are you losing track of an enquiry and in turn, losing the opportunity?

You’re about to follow up an enquiry, but you can’t quite remember where the conversation is up to or...

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Is Your Sales Confidence Impacting Your Business?


If you were to rate your sales confidence, what score would you give yourself?

Now, what score would you give yourself when trying to sell to an unknown prospect or maybe...

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Have You Seen KIT In Action?

  • Automate Your Follow Ups
  • Use Professionally Prepared Emails
  • Integrate With Your Website


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