Why 'Contact Us' Pages On A Builders Website Don't Work

Builders Marketing

Is your website turning visitors into hot new leads for you?

Or is it allowing them to simply leave and move on to your competitors’ websites?

If you're relying on visitors to fill in a form on your ‘Contact Us’ page, you're leaving money on the table.

‘Contact Us’ forms on a builders website are only filled in by two types of people:

  1. SEO companies trying to sell you their services
  2. AdWords companies trying to sell you their services.

So how do you get your ideal client to make an enquiry by filling in the ‘Contact Us’ form on your website?

You don’t! Instead, you need a different strategy.

You need to lead with value...

Builders MarketingConsumers have a wealth of information available to them these days.

So why would they contact you? All their questions can be answered on Google.

That's why you need a Lead Magnet on the homepage of your website. 

It really is the only way you’re going to generate enquiries online these days.

However, if you create the wrong lead magnet, you’re back to square one! So it’s essential that you create something that your ideal client actually wants… Something they are prepared to exchange their email address for.

So you need to ask yourself ...

"What questions can I answer for my prospects, before they’ve even thought of them?"
"What would my ideal client find of value that I can provide to them at no charge?" 

It could be a checklist, a guide covering questions you're frequently asked, a calculator or maybe an online presentation covering design tips.

Regardless of what the best, or even the easiest lead magnet is for you to create for your building company, the point is, you need at least one.

Because, without it, you're allowing good leads to slip through your fingers every day.

Put simply, if you don’t give the visitors on your website a good enough reason to contact you, they won’t!

The truth about websites

Builders Marketing

No matter how pretty your website is or how many designs and testimonials you have, without an irresistible offer, your building company will struggle to generate new leads online.

When that happens, you become desperate for cash-flow and end up taking on problem clients at low margins, just to keep the wheels turning.

Alternatively, when you have a consistent supply of new leads flowing through your building company, you're in a position to choose who you build for.

 "A website featuring a lead magnet on its homepage generates 147 times more leads than a conventional website relying on a ‘Contact Us’ page."

(Source: Association Of Professional Builders)

How to become an industry leader  

So, while the old-school builders are throwing more and more money at search engine optimisation and Google AdWords, in an attempt to desperately generate enquiries, the smart builders are getting more leads and spending less on advertising.

Not only that, the builders who are being seen as the providers of information are now being perceived as the experts and leaders in the industry. Which means the leads they are generating are far more likely to progress to contracts.

Can you afford not to have a lead magnet on your website?

If you're ready to create your own lead magnet, then we’ve put together a step-by-step guide for builders, which outlines the process for choosing the best type of lead magnet for your building company and shows you how to put your own one together.

It’s called ‘How To Create A Lead Magnet’ and it contains the blueprint for creating the one thing that is currently missing from your website and costing you sales.

Once you have it, you’ll have the formula for positioning yourself as an authority in your local market and getting new prospects to trust you before you even speak to them.

Everything you need to know is included in this free download, so you can generate more leads from your existing website! 

Click here to download your step-by-step guide for generating more leads from your existing website.

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